Una terra

Give the second life to pets’ and people's clothing. Save the one life of the Earth! 


About the company

Una Terra is a “Family-Look” collection of designer clothes created for pets and their responsible owners by using recycling technology. We create waterproof vests and jackets for dogs and their owners.

Our clothing is very practical. Thanks to waterproof fabrics and a hood it protects pets and their owners from wind and rain. So, regardless of the weather, it is suitable for walking your dog in the city, forest, and park. At the same time, you can wear these clothes for any social occasion or party and impress your friends with a stylish look.

At Una Terra, we combined conscious consumption and fashion, protecting animals and saving the Earth. We are sure that every dog is a family member and emphasize this through the Family Look style. Besides, it’s funny. Just smile!


Benefits of Una Terra


We recycle old clothes because we do care about the environment. 

Design and style

With Una Terra clothes, you will be stylish in the park and at the party.

Family look

We emphasize the unity of owners with their pets.


How do we produce Una Terra clothes? 

Recycling is at the core of our manufacturing. Thanks to that each of our jackets or coats was given the second life. By recycling old clothes, we make the world a bit cleaner and better. Join us now! In addition, you can always return the clothes purchased in our store for recycling and get a new one with a discount.


Meet our Founders! 

Lydia Sobolenko, the Founder

Prior to Una Terra, Lydia worked as a marketing manager at Microsoft and obtained a position of COO in EdTech. At the same time, Lydia was engaged in the rescue and protection of pets living on the street: she fed them, cured and found new owners for homeless pets. Currently, Lydia has three dogs and four cats taken from the street.



Yana Chervinskaya, the Designer

Yana is the founder of the fashion brand Yana Chervinska. She is also the winner of the Best Fashion Awards, Bazaar Fashion Forward from Harper's Bazaar Ukraine magazine and Be Next Fashion Design Contest from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi. After participating in a design workshop from the Spanish Camper brand in Seoul, Yana thought about alternative solutions in the fashion industry. Namely, she stood for the application of recycling, upcycling and zero waste technologies on a production scale. She was a creative consultant at the world's first Conscious Fashion Week in Helsinki and appears to be the creator of Sustainable Fashion Pad - the first conscious fashion platform in Ukraine.


Company's Mission

Lydia Sobolenko, the founder of Una Terra

How do you feel when you hear about global climate change? No, let’s formulate it in other words. Let’s be direct and honest. Do you care about the Earth’s destruction that impacts all people in the world, including us? We are pretty sure you heard about all the following events: snowy Sahara, rapid melting of glaciers in Greenland, 47 degrees in Sydney, fires in Siberia and the Amazon, frozen Niagara Falls, an abnormally warm winter in Europe and deaths from frost in North America. July 2019 was the hottest month in the history of the planet. Global climate change is a reality. For several years, we have been living in changed climatic conditions. If we don’t undertake any measures, the situation will get worse. 


Sustainability Path

Everyone has his/her own way of conscious consumption, and I am sure that many of you are already realize the scale of the problem.

I also had my own way. Prior to creating Una Terra, I worked as a marketing manager for Microsoft and as a COO for EdTech. At the same time, I supported homeless pets: I fed, cured and found new owners for them. 

For the last ten years, I helped 100 street dogs and cats. I gave a home to 3 dogs and 4 cats from the street. I didn’t tell anyone about this, I didn’t post this information on Facebook, and nobody made TV programs about me. I did this for one reason - I love animals and the Earth. Then I decided that I should devote all my time to taking care of the Earth and the environment. After all, my child lives here too. Thus, I left my position at Microsoft and decided to create some kind of business. At first, I did not know what business to launch, but then I realized that I have to do what I love. In such a way, Una Terra brand of human and pets’ clothing was born. 


How do we help the Earth? 

People pollute and destroy the environment with the unconscious consumption of items, including clothing. Every year, the world produces 150 billion units of clothing for the population of 7.7 billion people.

People throw clothes like garbage and pollute the planet. If in the 1960s humanity produced 1.76 million tons of textile waste, in 2015 this figure increased up to 16 million tons. This trend shows that the amount of textile waste increased by 811% during half of a century. 


Our mission is to clean the Earth by producing new clothes from the old ones. 

After all, we have only one Earth. We are a small company, and we are unlikely to be able to change the world alone. However, we are convinced that it is better to do small steps towards a cleaner environment than do nothing. And we also believe that we can change the world together.


Awareness is Everything

Our employees work in a small, environmentally friendly production, not exceeding the officially allowed number of working hours.