Posted on by Lidiia Sobolenko

Dog’s business: past and present of canine apparel

The history of canine apparel did not begin with Gucci or Louis Vuitton. At first, clothes performed an entirely different function. The history of their invention dates back to the 5th century BC when clothing for dogs played a protective role. Similar to horses, dogs were dressed in protective clothing that helped to avoid bites from other dogs and similar threats. 

The functionality of dog clothes was also recognized in the Alps, where animals worked as lifeguards. Snow adhered to the hair of dogs, usually St. Bernards, forming ice lumps. The ice would overcool the dog and lead them to fall ill. The snow would also burden an animal with its weight. People then decided to invent jumpsuit for dogs to protect animals from ice lumps.

The same happened with rain in England in the 18th century. People sewed protective wraps for dogs, which perhaps did not have a fashionable look, but rather kept the dog healthy, protecting them from moisture.

These clothes were not limited to coats or wraps - for example, police dogs were even sewn body armor, and rescue dogs were equipped with blankets and pockets.

As it is known, workers’ and military uniforms formed the main style in the world of fashion, such as safari jackets, storm jackets, and pilot jackets. Vetements even included DHL uniforms in its collections.

A similar transformation occurred in the world of dog fashion. In the 80s in Japan, where dogs are adored, the local fashion designer Yakio Kato sewed clothes for his dog. The fashionable pet dog was praised by acquaintances, and Kato decided to create a whole collection of canine apparel including shoes. Afterward came costumes for dogs. The fame of the designer grew and Kato opened a canine fashion house, where dogs themselves defiled in new collections.

In 2013, the Menswear Dog blog appeared, where a shiba inu dog flaunted in fashionable outfits like an Oxford preppy student. 

Do you think we’re kidding? 

No, because this smart dog has gathered about 380 thousand followers on Instagram and 225 thousand on Facebook for the last 6 years. Currently,  the dog makes money by advertising brands of watches and clothes earning around $ 15,000 per month. Can you imagine?

Today, buying clothes for a dog is just as common as buying a belt bag for street fashionistas. In addition to low-budget companies, dog clothes are already produced by such renowned brands as Gucci and Louis Vuitton, as well as Burberry, Moncler and other fashion houses.